Float 2022 for Gemar was a year to reinforce the return of the industry. Gemar had to act on the slogan “Again… We Rise…” for the 2022 event. For this edition Gemar worked with the talented Alisson Vasconcelos and Gemar Ambassadors Irina Lobanova and Lia Leottau. Together with a team, Gemar worked to complete the Float Beach Party, six different classes, and more.

The classes instructed by Alisson and Lia were the only interactive classes in all of Float due to them having essential decorations for the party. Lia’s class for the party consisted of colorful corals and her prominent palm trees! Lia’s main focus was to properly use color combinations in order to bring the decorations to life. Alisson’s class was about building the Beach Party tiki bar and was full of great tips and techniques. Alisson’s main focus was to teach the proper way of tying balloons in order to build large balloon structures. Additionally, adding elements such as spray paint in order to take a decoration detailing to the next level. 

The morning after the Gemar party, Irina held her “Boho Dreams” class. During this class came the debut for the newest Gemar color, #084 LATTE! Introduced by Maria Bove, alongside of the Gemar USA team and Ambassadors Yulys Charles and Irina Lobanova. The immediate reaction of the guests appeared as if they were waiting for this color all along. 

Irina did a great job decorating a boho inspired frame with the color new color Latte. Apart from the Latte frame, Irina used the Gemar #096 Olive Green to create a second boho inspired frame and thus complete the Boho dreams. This class was filled with Irina fans from all over the world. Many delegates shared how Irina is an inspiration. 

During the final day of Float, Gemar had one last class which was held by Gemar Ambassador Lia Leottau. This class was considered the fan favorite as there was not enough space for every delegate that wanted to go inside the classroom. Lia’s class consisted of a twist to the typical gender reveal decorations. She argued that with real life elements such as plants and stuffed animals together they can make a balloon wall safari.  Many people shared that they were very impressed at Lia’s talent at such a young age.

Finally, Float comes to an end and Gemar’s message becomes clear.. The industry is back on both feet! The passion and dedication for balloons grow everyday and it is in events like these where many realize the emotions and great spirit that art with balloons can create! With that being said, Gemar Balloons are here to support the decorators during the good and bad times! Together we continue to rise again and keep lifting the moment!