How To Decorate Your Home With Christmas and New Year’s Balloons

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How To Decorate Your Home With Christmas and New Year’s Balloons

The much-awaited time of the year is finally here! With Christmas and New Year’s Eve right around the corner, decorating your home will build up the excitement and add a festive feel to your home.

Apart from using traditional décor pieces, such as pine trees and sparkling lights, you can take the holiday décor to the next level with Christmas and NYE balloons!

Here are some Christmas and NYE balloons décor ideas that will make your family and friends get-togethers all the more enjoyable.

1.   A Garland of Balloons

A simple yet striking idea is to make a garland of balloons. All you have to do is tie inflated balloons along a single thread and you’re done!

You can use different colored balloons that best suits the occasion, for instance, red and green balloons for Christmas and gold and silver balloons for New Year’s Eve. Not only do garlands help create the perfect festive mood,  but they are also suitable for all kinds of spaces, including small rooms.

While garlands can also be made from leaves, baubles, or even candy cane, a balloon garland adds a pop of color to your room and stands out. Whether you hang the garland down the length of the handrails of a staircase or attach it to your doorframe, your guests will surely notice it!

2.   Balloons Filled with Confetti and Candies

What channels festive vibes better than confetti balloons? Go for clear balloons speckled with gold and silver. Alternatively, you can get those with either “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” printed on them or confetti with gold stars or silver snowflakes to really bring out the holiday spirit.

Place all the confetti balloons in the corners of rooms or along the staircase for a sparkling display.

If you have children around, a fun idea is to have balloons filled with Christmas gifts. This will not only look great, but keep the kids curious and entertained as well. If not with gifts, then take large-sized balloons and fill them with candies.

3.   Balloon Christmas Trees

When you think of a Christmas tree, a fir or pine tree decorated with lights and ornaments is what comes to mind. But, if you are looking for a hassle-free idea that doesn’t involve tangled wires or dropped needles, consider getting a balloon Christmas tree.

You can have green balloons for the major part of the tree, along with smaller balloons of different colors to serve as ornaments. Top off your tree with a star-shaped balloon in shiny gold foil. Other than the traditional green and red, you can choose other pretty combinations, such as pink and gold or gold and silver.

Get a balloon Christmas tree in the size of your choice. You can have a full-sized one as your main tree, or set up mini-trees in different corners of the house, such as a child’s room.

4.   Balloon Wreath

Many agree that a Christmas wreath is a must-have décor piece for the holiday season. While you may hang a real evergreen wreath outside your main door, you can also opt for smaller wreaths made from balloons for indoor décor.

These balloon wreaths are safe for children and will get them in the mood for Christmas.

5.   Foil Letter Balloons

Celebrate the winter festivals with Christmas and NYE balloons made of a metallic foil. Inflate the balloons with the straw provided and hang them on strings. Adorn your wall with letters spelling out “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” to bring in the festive spirit.

These balloons are excellent for lifting up a blank wall and adding a splash of color to your interior. While you can use letters made out of colorful paper instead of balloons, balloons have an added benefit of a 3D effect and a cheerful, shiny look.

You can get balloons of different colors, shapes and finish and arrange them in a variety of ways to highlight the holiday spirit. You can even use balloons along with cups and hang them from the ceiling to give the effect of giant Christmas lights.

Add a fun and unique touch to your home this holiday season with balloons! Check out our website and Instagram page to explore Christmas and NYE balloon ideas or place an order.