How to Choose the Best Balloons for the Summer Heat

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Outdoor birthday parties in the summer are always more fun. You can invite more people without having to worry about accommodating them like you do when you’re making party arrangements indoors. You get extra space for all the birthday party essentials; a snack bar, play area for the kids, juice bar, etc. The best part is – you get to soak in the warmth of the sun. However, one major challenge when you’re arranging an outdoor birthday party during the summers is ensuring your balloons last long.

Not all balloons can take the summer heat well. You’ve got to make sure you’re choosing the right types of balloons and are following the proper tips to ensure that your balloons don’t blast or deflate before the party ends!

We’ve listed some tips that will help you choose the best balloons for summer heat and will also help you ensure that they last long.

Choose the Right Type of Balloons

Balloons are made of different materials, including rubber, latex, nylon, and chloroprene. Each material has different properties. If you’re looking for the best balloons for summer, we suggest latex or chloroprene balloons. Latex balloons are one of the common types of balloons that do exceptionally well in the summer heat. Chloroprene and nylon balloons are great options too that are long-lasting and durable.

Choose the Right Size

Small-sized balloons aren’t the best choice for outdoor parties in the summer. The reason being- the balloons will expand due to heat and will burst if they’re blown full. Choose bigger balloons so that you don’t have to inflate the balloons fully. Not inflating the balloons fully will leave some space for expansion and reduce the chances of the balloon bursting in the summer heat.

Choose the Right Color

Choosing balloons of the right color is one of the most important factors if you want to choose balloons that last long in the summer heat. The best balloon decorations for summer would be balloons of lighter colors, preferably white. Light colors reflect more sunlight and heat than they absorb, and as a result, they last longer. Choosing darker balloons is a bad idea. The darker the color, the more heat it’ll absorb and the less long it’ll last.

Use Foil Balloons

If you ask us, we would say that foil balloons make the best balloon decorations for the summer heat. This is because the foil is an excellent reflector, and it’ll absorb the least amount of heat. Hence, it will stay intact and retain its shape on a hot summer day.

Choosing the best balloons for summer can be pretty challenging. Most of the time, balloons make up most of the party décor, and if they burst or get deflated, the entire look of the arrangement will get impacted – something you certainly wouldn’t want. So, make sure you’re taking all the right things into consideration and are choosing the best balloons for the summer heat!